A Folio of Poems by Andra Schwarz – translated by Caroline Wilcox Reul




Andra Schwarz was born in 1982 in Upper Lusatia in Saxony, Germany and currently lives in Leipzig where she studied creative writing at the Deutsche Literaturinstitut. She won the Open Mike Lyric Prize in 2015 and the Leonce and Lena Prize in 2017. She was awarded a residency at the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin in 2018 and a grant by the Kulturstiftung Sachsen in 2019. She is the author of Am morgen sind wir aus glas (Poetladen, 2017). Her work has also appeared in Maulkorb, Ostragehege, L – der Literaturbote, Jahrbuch der Lyrik, and others.

Caroline Wilcox Reul is the translator of Wer lebt / Who Lives by German poet Elisabeth Borchers (Tavern Books, 2017) and the poetry editor for the Timberline Review. She was awarded the Summer/Fall 2018 Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation and Multilingual Texts. Her translations have appeared in the PEN Poetry Series, Lunch Ticket, The Los Angeles Review, Exchanges, Waxwing, The Michigan Quarterly Review, and others.