A Folio of Poetry by Lin Zi – translated by Mimi Chang


Lin Zi is a poet and visual artist from central China. Born in 1967 in Henan, she was a middle school teacher and is now a full time writer. She started publishing poetry in 2002, a latecomer but prolific. In 2011, she started to paint and draw. She has made several volumes of drawings to go along with her essays and poems, the most recent one (with poems) winning The Most Beautiful Book Award in China. Her poems carry a unique “rural” flavor, quite different from most poems nowadays in China which are either focused on metropolitan life (the so-called city poems) or obsessed with a fake country style (the so-called nature poems).

Mimi Chang is a Chinese poet living in the USA. She has published widely in literary journals in China. She translates poems and literary essays and organizes the annual Hu Shi Poetry Award in China.