TQ4: Table of Contents


Editors’ Features

Bronwyn MillsThe Animal Kingdom; Grand Metaphors

Jessamyn SmythCharlie Bondhus: A Poet in Conversation(s) With Art

Andrea ApplebeeDominae and Domains: Cumberland Island’s Strong Women

Jessamyn SmythFort Juniper: A Poet’s Place

Bronwyn Mills & Eric DartonGabriel Garcia Marquez: Obituary for a Shipwrecked Sailor

Jessamyn SmythManifest: a conversation with Camille Dungy

Jessamyn SmythThe Reformation: a Conversation with Katherine Bode-Lang

Eric DartonThe Unusual Door: Preliminary Notes on James Baldwin and Pedagogy

TJ JarrettWomen in Form


TQ4 Prose Open

Notes from our judge, EJ Levy



Morgan: a Lyric by Boyer Rickel


Runners Up

The Amazing Furniture Ascender by Alexander Lumans

My Father the Doppelganger by Brian Heston

Light Year by Edward Hamlin


Finalists/Honorable Mentions

Words in Intercourse: waves. The Waves. woman (an elegy for Virginia Woolf) by Julie Cooper-Fratrik

Please Tell Us Why You Are Not Highly Satisfied (A Series of Open Letters) by Jack Martin

Ode to the Stairs by Andrea Witzke Slot

Baudelaire’s Sister at the Betty Ford by Deirdra McAfee

Fields of Vision by Rachael Peckham



Albert Abonado


Frederick Douglass: A Triptych

The Ghost Root

House of Horses

Alice Anderson

Keepsake Serenade


Anne Barngrover

The Encounter

b: william bearhart

At the Dinner Table With God and My Father

Catfish Frantic

Of Things and Home

This Body is a Body Collapsing

Matt Bell

This is That is Not This

Katherine Bode-Lang

A Poem on Love

Autumn Storm

How Far We’ll Go

The Names of Snow

The Reformation


When I Miss Paris Most

When the Angels Go Bowling

Charlie Bondhus


Language Lessons (featuring “Symphony” by Kevin Hinkle)

The Octopus Jar

White Descent (featuring “Snowblind” by Kevin Hinkle)

Aaron Brown

After Two Years Traveling Abroad, Woman Found Hanging From A Tree

Batha River

S. Marie Clay

5 poems

Karen Craigo

Does the Road Run East or West

Lisa Fay Coutley

Fourteen Lines for Betrayal

iPod Shuffle–When You Want It

The Letter I Never Send

Sensory Deprivation Floats: A Groupon

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

Mother always knows, so

On the Pripyat, 2006

Erica Dawson

Lady Jesus

Slow-Wave Sleep with a Fairy Tale

Oliver de la Paz

Labyrinth 80

Labyrinth 84

Labyrinth 85

Labyrinth 86

Labyrinth 90

Labyrinth 91

Heather Dobbins

Lutey Rose of the Light House

Shantyfolk Dance Floor

Jehanne Dubrow

Come Sailor Let’s Make War on Time

USS Ronald Reagan

Natalie Giarratano

The Translations

Jeff Hardin

Having Weighed the Only Words I Hold

Not Reaching to Hold Anything

Pamela Hart

You Take the Diaphragm Out and the Body Opens Like a Book

Cynthia Hogue

Excerpt from: In June, the Labyrinth

Jackson Holbert


Krystal Howard

With Both Hands Bare

With Both Hands Bare Again

Katherine Johnsen

L’Âge mûr

Montdevergues, 1943

When We Dead Awaken

Lois P. Jones

Reading “Shadowlands” to a Friend at the Sepulveda Dam

Amy King

Woman Descending the Staircase

Jill Klein

The New Lobotomist

Molly Sutton Kiefer

An Excision

Virginia Konchan

Excerpts from Vox Populi, an abecedarian chapbook (M, N, S, U, and W)

Matthew Landrum

Tea for Jelena

Henry Lyman

The Dinner Bell



Madeline’s Library

Two Old Gents

Laura McCullough

Everywhere I Haven’t Been Anywhere

Jill McDonough

The 30

What You Worry About

Kathleen McGookey

At our Farmhouse


Carly Joy Miller

Weathered Porch

Leslie Minot

Salt Pillar, Singing


Alicia Ostriker

August Morning, Upper Broadway

The First Snowfall

For Once, Then,Something

How Fortunate the Boy


Megan Peak


Michael Pontacoloni

Boston Calls Me to Love


Carol Potter

For A Minute There I Thought We Were in Trouble

Spike Horn

Nate Pritts

Idyll in Late Summer

Emily Pulfer-Terino

Cliff Dwellings, Mesa Verde

Khadijah Queen

Maroon Bells

Suzanne Roszak

Interview With La Malinche

My Mother as a Keeper of the Treasures at La Purísima

Nicole Sealey

Legendary (1)

Legendary (2)

Kevin Simmonds



Phu Quoc

San Francisco Centre

San Francisco (op. 0115)

Something Owed


Melissa Studdard

I Dream; Therefore You Are

No Philosopher Has Yet Solved The Problem of Evil

Matthew Walsh

Flying Home to See Your Father

My Dad is Not a Star

Afaa Michael Weaver

The Abacus Speaks to the End of Geometry



Charles Wyatt




TQ4: Table of Contents



Anya Achtenberg


Andy Bailey

The Crazening

Helen Degen Cohen

A Salad for the Unforgotten

Camille Dungy


Mira Dougherty-Johnson

On Teaching

Okla Elliott

The Earth in its Devotion

Gabrielle Hovendon

Color Artist

Mallory McMahon

Thank You For Riding

Jeneva Stone

Radio Silence

Mustafa Ziyalan

Pictures gleaned from a garbage bin

Water Cats



Anna Margolin (translated by Maia Evrona)

4 poems

Alexander Ulanov (translated by Alexander Cigale)

Among the houses…

The wind pales…


Visual Art

Kristin Apple


Chrystal Berche



Joe Dolce

Cockatoos at Wye River


Roger Leege

Tusken Sinners

Nicolas Poynter

Chica Fuerte


Ocean Front Walk

Steven D. Stark

Farey’s Lament

Fermat 3