Andrea Applebee

Andrea Applebee is a poet based in Durham, NC. Her poems, essays, and reviews have appeared and are forthcoming in Absent, Ditch, Ocean, Hot Metal Bridge, Boog City, So and So, Big Bell, Fox Chase and other magazines. Her work has explored themes ranging from the nature of objects and the body to geology and weather, and she is currently working on a manuscript grounded in the study of local plants. Andrea teaches writing at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies and has taught critical and creative writing for the past six years with a focus on photography, philosophy, and poetics. She holds an MFA in nonfiction and poetry from the University of Pittsburgh. She grew up in Charleston, SC and attended college at Davidson in North Carolina. Andrea appreciates epistemologically revolutionary poems.

Aletheia: Reflections on Poetic Knowing by Andrea Applebee

    Aletheia is a Greek word often translated as ‘truth’, ‘unforgetting’, ‘unconcealedness.’ While in modern greek, it is used to confirm or express agreement, as in its rueful English parallels, ‘so true’ or ‘really?’, its etymological source is layered and elusive: combining the privative «A» (un-) with «lethe», a […]

Dominae and Domains: Cumberland Island’s Strong Women by Andrea Applebee

  I feel as saucy as ever—not only because I am independent but because I have gained complete triumph...ah how sweet is revenge.—Catherine Greene Miller   Twisting oaks, feral horses, spiny saw palms, coasts rich with turtles’ nests and the grand ruins of Carnegies: part national seashore, part private property, […]