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Carol Potter is the author of four books of poetry, the most recent of which Otherwise Obedient was a finalist for the Lambda Literary award in LBGT poetry in 2008. Another previous book, The Short History of Pets (1998) won the Cleveland State Poetry Center award. Recent publications include poems in Field, Hanging Loose, River Styx, and forthcoming in Calyx and Sinister Wisdom.

Spike Horn by Carol Potter

  Dead on the ice a week now, spike horn buck half- eaten, torn up, and the neighborhood dogs delighting in it. Running off to roll in it. Pull at it. Like they were something feral. Tough as the coyotes that yanked it down in the first place. Mine comes back with blood on his […]

For A Minute There I Thought We Were in Trouble by Carol Potter

  When the birds fly up suddenly off the thistle-seed sock,      all 20-30 of them in one stroke, one puff of wind, one chirp, you might wonder who said what to whom;      what signal was it? You wonder if maybe you too should get up from your chair and run. Like riding a bus      in […]