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Virginia Konchan’s poetry and criticism has appeared in Best New Poets, The Believer, The New Yorker, The New Republic, Boston Review, and Verse. Co-founder of Matter, a journal of poetry and political commentary, she lives in Chicago.

“suncompelled, / obey the summons of recall”: Tyler Mills’ Tongue Lyre

Tyler Mills’ resonant and resinous—the very quality of the reed instrument and lyre—debut collection Tongue Lyre contains sympathies beyond metaphor, past logic, into prima facie proof of poetry as both neo-epic narrative and song. In an era when the written archive is dangerously close to being usurped by the digital cloud, the evacuation of the […]

Tyler Mills Book Cover

Excerpts from Vox Populi, an abecedarian chapbook (M, N, S, U, and W) by Virginia Konchan

  M is for Machiavelli, Marilyn Monroe, the market price of madness, and icons or monopolistic despots so notorious as to enter lingua franca (the OED). After Milton’s paradisiacal trilogy gave evil a personage and name, rendering sedition a fait accompli, he now defends the pious against Lucifer’s snares (medievalist torture in a technocratic age), […]