TQ29 Table of Contents

Artwork courtesy of Nance Van Winckel.

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling

Editorial Features

“Chalk Song:  A Conversation with Gale Batchelder, Susan Berger-Jones, & Judson Evans about Collaborative Poetry & the Archive” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Pipette: A Conversation with Kim Chinquee” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“2am with Keats:  A Conversation with Poet & Publisher Eileen Cleary” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“A Northern Spring:  A Conversation with Matt Mauch & A Portfolio of Poetry” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Nightfall Marginalia: A Conversation with Sarah Maclay & a Portfolio of Poetry” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Swansdown:  A Conversation with Donald Platt & a Portfolio of Poetry” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Interstellar Theme Park:  A Conversation with Jack Skelley” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“When Ilium Burns: A Conversation with Tiffany Troy” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“The Daughter of Man:  A Conversation with L.J. Sysko and a Portfolio of Poetry” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“This final, glowing image: A Conversation with Kristen Renee Miller” — curated by Naoko Fujimoto 

“A way of working that leads to discovery: A Conversation with Karen Donovan” — curated by Catherine Imbriglio 

“Creative entanglement: A conversation with Nancy Kuhl about her new poetry collection On Hysteria — curated by Karla Kelsey 

“Sisters I believe and still believe: A Conversation with Abigail Chabitnoy” — curated by Lisa Olstein 

“In the Food Lion Parking Lot One Night:  A Conversation with Erika Meitner” — curated by Lisa Olstein

“In Ancient Rome or on Saturn: A Conversation with Lynn Melnick” — curated by Lisa Olstein 

“More Broad, More Wild: An Interview with Christopher Nelson” — conducted by Zach Savich 

“What if the day is beautiful regardless: A Conversation with Virginia Konchan about Bel Canto — curated by Tiffany Troy 

“I yearn to keep dancing in his breath: A Conversation with Aldo Amparán about Brother Sleep — curated by Tiffany Troy 

“to return to dying between two cupped hands: A Conversation with James Fujinami Moore about indecent hours — curated by Tiffany Troy 

“Can I tell you that sometimes I utter the word justice and mean revenge?: A Conversation with J. Estanislao Lopez about We Borrowed Gentleness — curated by Tiffany Troy

“Another Me Exists in a Cabin by the Lake: A Conversation with Andrew Grace about Sancta (with Emma O’Leary)” — curated by Tiffany Troy 

“Sing: No More: A Conversation with Cyrus Cassells about The World That the Shooter Left Us”curated by Tiffany Troy 

“I’m me—a budding everything: A Conversation with Latif Ba about The Machine Code of a Bleeding Moon”curated by Tiffany Troy 

I bask, a fugitive from the confines of my own words: A Conversation with Margo Jefferson about Constructing a Nervous System curated by Tiffany Troy 

“like the building that reflects his death in every window: A Conversation with Iliana Rocha about The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez” — curated by Tiffany Troy 

“She takes the open fifths into the choir of her heart: A Conversation with Marianne Worthington about The Girl Singer— curated by Tiffany Troy

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

Kelly CanadayA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy 

Bernard GershensonA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy 

Paula GockerA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy 

Isabel NealA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Kakyung Baek“The Hypercube Records” & “Slaughterhouse Vigil”— translated from the Korean by Archana Madhavan
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Nicholas RegiacorteA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling 

Editor’s Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen by Mary Kathryn Jablonski.

Michelle Bowen 

Sally Eckhoff 

Nance Van Winckel 

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Kathryn Cowlesfrom Notes on the Imminent Art Show 

Cressida Blake Roe & Jemma Leigh Roe“The Accidental Body” 

Kelsey Zimmerman“Look”


Rose Auslander“Dear Wednesday” & “Butterflies”

Sarah Brockhaus“Becoming Flightless” & “Eve to Adam at Calvary” 

William BrownA Portfolio of Poetry

Annah Browning“A Portfolio of Poetry” 

Stephanie Choi“A Tattoo for My Mother,” “Feeding,” and “Leng Neoi Picks a Bouquet for Leng Jei at the Soccer Game”

Abigail Cloud A Portfolio of Poetry 

Flower ConroyA Portfolio of Poetry 

Kristyn GarzaA Portfolio of Poetry 

Rae Gourirand“Inscription,” “Iridaceae” & “You”

Stella Hayes“Responsible Life Form” 

Jared Hayley“[You have the right to remain silent]” & “[You do you says the sneaker seller]”

Christopher Hewitt“Exfoliation” & “Cottonwood” 

Caroline Jennings“The Chambered Nautilus: Revamped”

Molly Sutton KieferA Portfolio of Poetry 

David KirbyA Portfolio of Poetry

Christine KwonA Portfolio of Poetry 

Anat LevinA Portfolio of Poetry

Anthony Thomas Lombardi“fragments from Amy Winehouse’s stepwork journal” 

Leigh Lucas“A Portfolio of Poetry” 

Iris McCloughanA Portfolio of Poetry 

Matthew Moore“[Horizon, a Yellow Band Eats],” “A Ballad of the Sonderkommando” & “Song” 

Christopher Brean Murray“Arbor Day” & “The Map” 

Donald PlattA Portfolio of Poetry 

Meg Stout“Marry a Man Who” & “Yard Sale” 

Barbara Tomash“Of Anima,” “Of Thirst,” “Of Tongues”

Margaret Yapp“Gust/Posit” & “Hunker/Glom”


Chris J. Bahnsen“Contingency Plan” 


Marte Carlock“The Little Gray Bird” 

Eileen Kelly“The Crown Jewels” 

Kerry Keys“Orbit Kalnas”

Leonard Kress“T. S. Eliot’s Lab Partner” 

Jeffrey Wolf“The Flood”  

A Celebration of Literary Criticism

Miriam Calleja on Sean Singer’s Today in the Taxi 

Alexis David on Eileen Cleary’s 2AM with Keats

Karin Falcone on Mary Leader’s The Distaff Side &Sarah Heady’s Comfort 

Karin Falcone on Chike Nzerue’s Architecture of Dust

Jenny Grassl on Katy Didden’s Ore Choir:  The Lava on Iceland 

Jenny Grassl on Chalk Song, a poetry collaboration by Gale Batchelder, Susan Berger-Jones, & Judson Evans 

Yasmine Guiga on Sean McFall’s Garden Theology

Yasmine Guiga on Meredith Stricker’s Rewild

Margaret Kean on Brandon Rushton’s The Air in the Air Behind It 

Cheryl Passanisi on Donald Platt’s Swansdown

Gail Siegel on Kim Chinquee’s Pipette

Ben Tripp on Joshua Edwards’ The Double Lamp of Solitude

Abigail Ardelle Zammit on K.D. Harryman’s Girl’s Book of Knots

Literature in Translation

J. Mae Barizo and Jesper AndreassonÖ — translated by J. Mae Barizo and Jesper Andreasson

Amichai Chasson & Vivian EdenA Dialogue Between Two Poets

Helene Dorionfrom Mes forêts — translated by Susanna Lang 

Anna Glazova from Facial Calculation — translated by Alex Niemi 

Kim HyesoonA Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Cindy Juyoung Ok 

Reina María RodríguezA Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Kristin Dykstra 

Miri Ben SimhonA Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Lisa Katz

Alvaro Fausto Taruma“First Note” — translated by Grant Schultzman