Kristyn Garza — A Portfolio of Poetry


Kristyn Garza, a chicana from the U.S./Mexico border, moved from her hometown of McAllen, Texas to Austin to pursue her bachelor’s degree in English Literature at St. Edward’s University where she studied and fell in love with the Japanese language. She is currently working toward her MFA in Poetry at the University of Notre Dame researching the ways in which the liminality of the sonic poetic space can exorcise the haunting of trauma held within the femme body. She works as a graduate instructor teaching Intro to Poetry to Notre Dame undergrads and is loving every moment of it. She was longlisted for Palette Poetry’s 2022 Sappho Prize and her work has been published or is forthcoming in The McNeese Review, The Spectre Review, New Note Poetry, and as a finalist for RHINO Poetry‘s Founders Prize 2022.