An Introduction to Nicholas Regiacorte by Kristina Marie Darling

Nicholas Regiacorte is an inimitable voice in contemporary poetry. His writing is marked by a compassionate sensibility, which is often tempered by an ability to render what is familiar suddenly and wonderfully strange. Through his expert curation and framing of imagery, he offers a powerful commentary on the relationship between self and other. For Regiacorte, the impulse toward empathy is a kind of defamiliarization, of self and of world, a voyage after which all that is familiar grows smaller in the distance. These are poems that are as lyrical and gorgeously imagistic as they are deeply philosophical.

Nicholas Regiacorte is the author of American Massif, published by Tupelo Press. His poems have appeared in 14 Hills, Copper Nickel, Mary, New American Writing, Descant, Bennington Review, Colorado Review, Verse Daily and elsewhere. Currently, he teaches at Knox College, where he directs the program in creative writing.