TQ25 Table of Contents

“I touch each thing knowing we disappear” by Jessica Kreutter.

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling

Editorial Features

“‘A subversive cloistered experience’: A Conversation with Selah Saterstrom” – curated by Mary-Kim Arnold

“Joanna Penn Cooper Interviews Cynthia Arrieu-King: A Conversation on Form and The Betweens” – curated and introduced by Emma Bolden

“‘Joyful Solitude’: A Conversation with Mark Wunderlich” – curated by Victoria Chang

“The Sharpener: A Third Space for Poetry: An Interview with Sean Singer” – curated by Cassandra Cleghorn

“Travel, Lived Experience, and the Craft of Fiction: A Conversation with Clifford Garstang” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘Literature is an exercise in empathy’: A Conversation with Ming Lauren Holden” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘Carrier for an oracle’: A Conversation with Stelios Mormoris” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘Fearlessness and willingness’: A Conversation with Cindy Savett about Elegy & Jean Valentine” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“#wearedaphne: A Conversation with Abigail Ardelle Zammit” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘Am I a Citizen Consumer or a Child of God?’: A Conversation with Poet Virginia Konchan” – curated by Eileen G’Sell

“The Low Road: A Neo-Epic for Troubled Times” – by Virginia Konchan

“‘Hope and kindness, redemption and respect’: A Conversation with Tommy Zurhellen” – curated by Virginia Konchan

“‘On Leaving and Those We Left Behind’: A Conversation with Joanne Nelson” – curated by Linda Michel-Cassidy

“‘Pour Forth Into That Vessel’: A Conversation with Camille Guthrie” – curated by Lisa Olstein

“‘Form is the means by which subject matter comes to life’: A Conversation with Sandra Lim” – curated by Lisa Olstein

“‘What is life without light after all’: A Conversation with Tomas Morin” – curated by Lisa Olstein

“‘Forms of attention and assembly’: A Conversation with Hoa Nguyen” – curated by Lisa Olstein

“The Canvas Underneath: An Interview with Carrie Olivia Adams” – conducted by Zach Savich

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

“The Center” by Darcie Abbene 
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

A Folio of Poetry by Cynie Cory
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

“You Play a Game” by Gabriel Houck
Curated & introduced by Seth Brady Tucker

A Folio of Poetry by David Kirby
Curated & introduced by Seth Brady Tucker

“The beginning” by Ayomide Festus
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

An Excerpt from And the Category Is...Inside New York’s Vogue, House, and Ballroom Community by Ricky Tucker
Curated & introduced by Laura Cronk

Editors’ Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen by Kristina Marie Darling

Kate Greenstreet 

Jessica Kreutter 

Leslie Nichols 

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

What Only Poetry Can Do: A Song Cycle with Poetry by Barbara Crooker and Julie Cane, Set to Music by Dale Trumbore

“Brood” & “My Grandmother Tells Me: A Portrait”Ashley Dailey

A Folio of Visual PoemsKylie Q. Gellatly

A Folio of ErasuresLisa Huffaker

A Poetry Comic Sarah Minor

“Learning to Fly”Laci Mosier

The Gleam” – Poetry by Robin Myers, Set To Music by Dale Trumbore

“A Porcelain Doll: A Collaborative Libretto” Brent Newsom & James Vernon

“Via Dolorosa: an Autoethnography of Townes Van Zandt”Coyote Shook

A Folio of Visual PoemsNance Van Winckel

“Anthem”Sarah Wintz


k abram“endometriosis ode” 

Tara Ballard “Confession,” “Waiting for Rain,” & “With or Without a Hypothesis”

Nicole Cooley“Trash (I)” & “Trash (II)” 

Aiden Forster“Aubade with Bottom Envy” 

Romana Iorga“Mnemonics” 

Maurya Kerr“A Toast, to the Enslaved and to the Free”

Peter LeightSelf-Portrait as an Interested Person Who’s Looking for Something Beautiful,”  “Self-Portrait as a Restless Person Who’s Not Disappointing You” & “Self-Portrait as a Pilot of the Free Will”

Calgary Martin“Offloading the Ballast” & “It Was Summer Every Day in Brooklyn” 

Molly Minturn“Pastoral” 

Julia Morrison“Footnote to a Blizzard” & “Stackars Lilla Basse”

Lena Moses-Schmidt “Dear Future Me (#12)” & “Recovering”  

Olivia Murphy-Sokolowski“Almonds”  

Katie Naughton“debt ritual: class”

John Parish“Asleep on Park Bench with Palmer and Fowler’s Fieldbook of Natural History Used as Pillow”

Annie Przypyszny“Axel Gets Lost in the Cavern in Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth,” “Solomons Riverwalk” & “On an Illustration from a Gardening Magazine”

Michael Robins“Diamond Shoals”


Stephen Scott Whitaker“Magic” & “Queer the Woods”

Charity YoroA Folio of Poetry


Anthony D’Aries“Showtime”

Zack Finch“Imitation of Life”

Barbara Huddleston“Beyond Dread: A Review-Essay on Elizabeth Metzger’s Bed

Boyer Rickelfrom True Confessions (and brief dreams) in a Time of Pandemic

Aline Soules “On Paul Nemser’s A Thousand Curves

Jennifer K. Sweeney “Realia”

Banci Tewolde“Spoiled” 

Dale Trumbore“Falling Triptych” 

Jerry Whitus“A House in the Woods” 

Jane Zwart “Dear Specimen: A Book Review”

Alexis David“On Jennifer Militello’s The Pact”


Lu Di“In the Subway” — translated by Xu Jiantong

Yu Nu“Something More Distant” & “Whispering” — translated by Pan Jiawei

Antonia Pozzi“Meadows” — translated by Amy Newman 

Zhao Si“In a Flash of Lightning” & “Rondo” — translated by Bruce Meyer with Xuan Yuan & Tim Lilburn

Anne Weber from Annette — translated by Neil Blackadder

Xiao Yin“Asian orphans” & “1989, the year flooded with wheat” — translated by Mimi Chang