TQ15 Table of Contents

Ro Lohin, The Red Wheelbarrow I (homage to William Carlos Williams ) 14 x 18” oil on canvas, 2015.


Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling


Editorial Features

“There Is No Way Out of Here: Trauma and Transformation” – by Andrea Applebee

“Writing Outside the Academy: A Discussion” – curated by Emma Bolden

“Shapelessness in Indictus by Natalie Eilbert” – by Victoria Chang

“‘The place where all of these fields and interests converge’: A Conversation with Mary Jo Bang and a Folio of New Poems” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘This goes back to vision’: A Conversation with Joshua Edwards of Canarium Books” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Cities Built from Poems: Poetry of Place” – curated & introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

“‘The Story May as Well Begin Here’: Meadow Slasher” – by Virginia Konchan

“‘Each time the light changed’: A Micro(inter)view with Jennifer Chang” – Curated by Lisa Olstein

“‘And it’s all just another story about how life could be’: Kate Greenstreet’s The End of Something” – by Elizabeth Robinson

“‘It’s an effort to map my own self’: A Conversation with Asiya Waddud and a Folio of Poems” – curated by Henk Rossouw

“Training for Life: An Interview with Lauren Haldeman” – conducted by Zach Savich

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

“You Will, Indeed, Always Be the Same Person After Vacation” by Shauna Barbosa
Curated & introduced by dawn lonsinger

“Head in the Floor” by Kate Folk
Curated & introduced by Megan Levad

From COMPANY by Emily Hunt
Curated & introduced by Henk Rossouw

From On Certainty by Karla Kelsey
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

“When in my days I called” and “They put their mouths up to the heavens...” by Todd Melicker
Curated & introduced by Elizabeth Robinson

“Word Blindness” by Rachel Moritz
Curated & introduced by Elizabeth Robinson

“Things as They Are” by Kylan Rice
Curated & introduced by Zach Savich

Editors’ Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen & interviewed by Elaine Sexton

Bronlyn Jones

Ro Lohin

Marcia Marcus

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Katy Diddenfrom The Lava on Iceland

Naoko FujimitoA Folio of Graphic Poems

Lauren Haldeman – Poetry Comic: “Sault Ste. Marie”

Sonja JohansonA Folio of Erasures: “Aubade,” “Shooting Star,” & “Unmasking”

Tyler Millsfrom Afterimage: Disaster Lyric

Sarah J. Sloat – Visual Poems: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin & Stephen King Erasures

Dale Trumbore“How to Go On”: Poems by Barbara Crooker, Laura Foley, & Amy Fleury Set to Music


Bhartrihari“[Half the night passes],” “[My friend],” “[Take a skull],” & “[The dog]” – translated by Andrew Schelling

Grzegorz Białkowski“Entering the Earth” and “A Guide” – translated by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka

Michael Ende“The Jester’s Fairy-tale” – translated by Elisabeth Kinsey

Fina Garcia Marruz“Lights Like Poets” & “The Bend” – translated by Katherine M. Hedeen & Janet McAdams

Vincent Ravalec“Contemporary Art Is Internationally Appealing” – translated by Wendeline Hardenberg

Georges Rose“in the sky left by clouds” & “in the aquarium” – translated by Bryan Flavin

Wang Wei and Pei Di“Scholar Tree Path” and “Deer Enclosure” – translated by Dan Veach



Steve Bellin-Oka“Invocation”

Mary Biddinger“Heaven and Dirt”

Michelle Bitting“Red Orpheus,” “Nearer,” & “The Tao that can be Named is not the Tao but Love”

Sarah Bloom“Every Green Thing I Have Given”

Bruce Bond“Elegy”

Thea Brown“Industrial Architect” & “The Weather”

Kristin Case“Now Devouring (After Thoreau)” & “Late Work”

Margaret Cipriano“Splendor” & “Death Mythos”

Gillian Cummings“Faint Stars of Dread” & “To Limn a Limbed Thing”

Dana Curtis“Circumnavigation,” “Temple of Lies,” “Viva Chthonia,” “City of Ghosts,” & “Touch Me Not”

John De Stefanofrom The Visible Remains

Cassie Donish“A Surface of Needles”

Isabel Duarte-Gray“The Sawmill”

Denise Duhamel“Flowers at Work”

Susanne Dyckman – from Omen: “With a black-handled knife cut three pieces of earth” & “Sprinkle the mattress with salt”

Alana Folsom“A Guide to Cages”

Rebecca Hazelton“Personal Affect,” “Between Petals,” “Useful Tragedy,” “Little Virus,” & “Glazed Case”

Lisa Hiton“Portrait in a Jewelry Box” & “The Dwelling Place”

Catherine Imbrigliofrom [Numeracy]: “(Null hypothesis) hypothesis,” “Under moonweight” & “As for the moon in its younger years”

Chelsea Jennings“Half-Bloomed Peony”

Jennifer Key“The Murder” and “Winter Solstice”

Karyna McGlynn“Ode to Bed-Wetting” & “I Thought No One Would Ever Love Me”

Kathleen McGookey“X-Ray”

T.J. McLemore“Ghost Particle”

Matt W. Miller“Third Day, Friday, May 1, 1992″

Jenny Molberg“Love Song of the Demogorgon”

Linda Tomol Pennisi“Still”

Alycia Pirmohamed“When the Wolves Appear”

Stephanie Strickland“Green Balloon Blown against the Corner on the Roof Tar in the Rain” and “Keeping Company With You: Coma”

Terese Svoboda“If Chosen, I Think”

Christopher Warner“Belief” and “Supplication”


Hala Alyan“Everyone Removes the Thorn”

Alle C. Hall“Let Me Feel For You”

Lesley Jenike“The Birthmark”

Shaun Levin“Sweet Suite”

Kate Middleton“Portrait (Elegiac)”

Jennifer Militello“On Time”

Catherine Pierce“All Asteroids Are Called Minor Planets Though Some Are Only a Few Feet in Diameter”

Meg Pokrass“Buck up, Duck”

Sara Veglahnfrom The Monsters

Julie Marie Wade“Pittsburgh Was My Minneapolis: An Essay in Episodes”