Yanara Friedland

Yanara Friedland is a German-American writer, translator and teacher. She recently completed her PhD at the University of Denver and a long walk along multiple border regions in Europe. She is collaborating on walking and writing initiatives along the Front Range and teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder. She makes home in a small cabin the foothills of Boulder. Some of her writings can be found in the following places: Les Editions Maelstrom, Denver Quarterly, Drunken Boat, The Collagist, Quarterly West, along the Camino Santiago, the benches of Finisterre, within the wells of Lourdes, by the invisible trench lines of Berlin’s former east-west division and buried the deep within the soil of the German Harz forest.

Installation 8 by Julie Carr & Yanara Friedland

A Process Note Reallifeaninstallation is a web project designed by Phuong T. Vuong and Julie Carr to accompany Carr’s book Real Life: An Installation, (Omnidawn Books, 2018). Thirty-six hypothetical installations have been actualized in digital space by artists of diverse backgrounds, stages in their careers, and artistic practices. Galleries, art spaces, […]