Sophie Klahr

Sophie Klahr’s poems, essays and reviews appear in Ploughshares, The Rumpus, Gulf Coast, B O D Y, Sycamore Review, Linebreak, and other publications. She is the author of the chapbook ________ Versus Recovery (Pilot Books), and is a contributing editor at Gigantic Sequins. She lives in Los Angeles.

Mercy by Sophie Klahr

  Walking onto the shore without a plan, without my other mouth.   The guttural of Us:        full, a warm black sound, born, knit—          How to leave?         Thus shocked to blossom, thus accustomed, heat-sure and solid?   The risk grows abstract; […]

Lesson by Sophie Klahr

  Something about the quality of her tears, you said, to explain how you knew   the friend who wept in your arms knew her husband to be having an affair.   In class, I draw a man dragging another man on a leash. I say the background   in […]