Kwame Dawes

Kwame Dawes is the author of eighteen collections of poetry, most recently Duppy Conqueror (Copper Canyon Press), as well as two novels, numerous anthologies, and plays. He has won Pushcart Prizes, a Guggenheim Fellowship, an Emmy and was the 2013 awardee of the Paul Engel Prize. At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he is a Chancellor’s Professor of English and Glenna Luschei Editor of Prairie Schooner. Dawes is the Associate Poetry Editor at Peepal Tree Press, the Series editor of the University of South Carolina Poetry Series, and the Founding Director of the African Poetry Book Fund. Dawes teaches in the Pacific MFA Program and is Director of the biennial Calabash International Literary Festival.

Détente by Kwame Dawes

  Then one day you know you do not believe your own threats; you know that the mystery of your wisdom is a lie, and you feel like a fool staring him down, telling him he must do as you say; you know he doesn’t have to, you know he […]

Seventeen by Kwame Dawes

  After a while the locks grow over-worn with use, the screws get loose, and the gate flaps, careless; the water flows, quick as change filling up the low-bank gutter until the overspill spreads into the valley, turning slopes into heavy swamp; the gaping gate, no gardening here; the wood […]