Jehanne Dubrow

Jehanne Dubrow is the author of four poetry collections, including most recently Red Army Red and Stateside. In 2015, University of New Mexico Press will publish her fifth book of poems, The Arranged Marriage. Her work has appeared in Southern Review, The New England Review, The Hudson Review, Prairie Schooner, and Ploughshares. She is the Director of the Rose O’Neill Literary House and an Associate Professor of creative writing at Washington College, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

USS Ronald Reagan by Jehanne Dubrow

  When my husband says the aircraft carrier he’s headed to is named for Ronald Reagan, that actor from our childhood TV screens, matinee idol who called America a kindly, greening land, and Washington a shining city on a hill, I say is everything Ronald Reagan? To say it’s just […]

Women in Form: Jehanne Dubrow

  TJ: Do you actually sit down to write a sonnet, ghazal, or villanelle? Or is it a more organic process related to the content?   JD: Most of the time, I let the draft teach me what form the poem should take.  Somewhere in the middle of working on […]