Dora Malech

Katherine Hollander and Dora Malech Interview Each Other About MY GERMAN DICTIONARY and FLOURISH

Katherine Hollander is an historian and poet whose work has appeared in Hunger Mountain, Literary Imagination, New German Critique, The Brecht Yearbook and elsewhere. Her first book of poems, My German Dictionary, won the fourteenth annual Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize from The Waywiser Press. Dora Malech’s most recent book of […]

New Collections of Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus – curated by Dora Malech and Katherine Hollander

Among the many disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic, the loss of the chance to celebrate a new book of poetry is far from the most acute—yet the loss of the opportunity to read from, talk about, and share new books of poems still felt like a piquant one we wanted […]

Shape-shifting and the Subversive Sonnet: A Review of Angela Veronica Wong’s Elsa: An Unauthorized Autobiography

The title page layout of Angela Veronica Wong’s Elsa: An Unauthorized Autobiography breaks its subtitle down the right-hand margin: “an un- / authorized auto- / biography,” an apt design move to introduce a project that fragments the self across time and space. The speaker’s I is and is not a […]