New Collections of Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus – curated by Dora Malech and Katherine Hollander

Among the many disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic, the loss of the chance to celebrate a new book of poetry is far from the most acute—yet the loss of the opportunity to read from, talk about, and share new books of poems still felt like a piquant one we wanted to try to address. We decided to do a series of interlocking interviews between poets whose plans to read publicly from a new book had been interrupted by the virus. We would begin in conversation with each other, and then each of us would interview other poets with a new book; each of those poets would in turn interview another, using some shared questions and some new ones.

What follows is a kind of fractal, branching set of conversations about these books of poetry and the world they are coming into. When we conceived this idea, in March, the global pandemic was central in the news and at the forefront of our minds. As the spring turned into summer, the demonstrations against state and police brutality urgently and increasingly illuminated the intersection of the pandemic with another, deeper-rooted public health crisis, that of anti-Black racism and violence. The conversations between poets, presented here in roughly chronological order, reflect these evolving events and issues. Readers may be able to trace the contexts unfolding through these interlinking interviews. 

Thank you for reading.

Katherine Hollander and Dora Malech


Katherine Hollander and Dora Malech Interview Each Other About MY GERMAN DICTIONARY and FLOURISH >>

Katherine Hollander Interviews David Blair About BARBARIAN SEASONS >>

Dora Malech Interviews Ellen Bass about INDIGO >>

Katherine Hollander Interviews Joseph Harrison About SOMETIMES I DREAM THAT I AM NOT WALT WHITMAN >>

Dora Malech Interviews John Murillo About KONTEMPORARY AMERIKAN POETRY >>

Katherine Hollander Interviews Elaine Johanson About AND AND >>

David Blair Interviews Stephanie Burt About AFTER CALLIMACHUS >>

Ellen Bass Interviews Danusha Laméris About BONFIRE OPERA >>

Joseph Harrison Interviews James Arthur About THE SUICIDE’S SON >>

 John Murillo Interviews Amaud Jamaul Johnson about IMPERIAL LIQUOR >>

Elaine Johanson Interviews Ricardo Alberto Maldonado About THE LIFE ASSIGNMENT >>