Christopher Kondrich

Christopher Kondrich is the author of Contrapuntal (Parlor Press, 2013), a New Measure Poetry Prize finalist. His poems appear or are forthcoming in American Letters & Commentary, Boston Review, Colorado Review, Green Mountains Review, Guernica, Gulf Coast, Meridian, Sixth Finch, Verse Daily, Western Humanities Review and Washington Square, while his criticism appears in Colorado Review, CutBank and Jacket2. A 2013 winner of The Paris-American Reading Series Prize, he holds an MFA from Columbia University and a PhD in English & Creative Writing from the University of Denver where he was an editor for Denver Quarterly. Chris writes, edits and teaches in Denver, and is passionate about work with sincerity, curiosity, reverence and gravity, work that, as Allen Grossman puts it, “becomes present to itself by becoming present to others.”

Editor’s Foreword by Christopher Kondrich

                    “My father told me to do what I loved to do — one third of my life                               will be work.”                                           —Emily Mohn-Slate, “Needlework”   I haven’t wanted to write this foreword. I haven’t wanted to offer the kind of perfunctory sentiments that are often included in these prefatory remarks—how […]

Lauren Haldeman

  NOME from Lauren Haldeman on Vimeo.   OUTSIDE OF MY RATIONAL INPUT: A Micro-Interview with Lauren Haldeman by Christopher Kondrich   CK: My experience watching these films happened over the course of several viewings. I couldn’t help but pay more attention to the language on the first viewing, so […]

Editor’s Foreword by Christopher Kondrich

  “Being in a human body calls for rapture. Movement calls for community,” writes Yanara Friedland in a beautiful passage from Pilgrimage: Das Bild verwaister Welten. Friedland—who traversed the boundaries of Europe in her grandfather’s footsteps, and who chronicled the phenomenological and spiritual transformations that occurred throughout—is speaking of the […]

Silhouette with Her Arm Raised: A Conversation Between Ariel Francisco & Christopher Kondrich

Ariel Francisco is a Miami poet currently completing his MFA at Florida International University where he is also assistant editor of Gulf Stream Literary Magazine. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Boiler Journal, Duende, Jai-Alai Magazine, Portland Review, Print-Oriented Bastards, Washington Square, and elsewhere. We conversed and […]

Introductions to Chapter One, a New Prose Series by Eric Darton, Christopher Kondrich, & Bronwyn Mills

Prospectus for a Gathering of Chapter Ones: A Tripartite Invocation and Call for Submissions In (this issue and) the issues to come, Tupelo Quarterly will feature one or more Chapter Ones: the opening pages of in-process or not-yet-published book-length prose works. Our intent, beyond whetting readers’ appetites is not to […]

Against Our Vanishing: On the Loss of Allen Grossman by Christopher Kondrich

  “Poetry is a principle of power invoked by all of us against our vanishing,” wrote Allen Grossman to preface The Sighted Singer, a volume containing his conversations with Mark Halliday and Summa Lyrica, a treatise on poetics and personhood that, to my whole being, is a singularly beautiful, eloquent […]

The Poem Becomes a Spinning Map: An Interview with Amaud Jamaul Johnson by Christopher Kondrich

  I am thrilled to present the winner, finalists and semi-finalists of the Tupelo Quarterly Poetry Contest, which was graciously judged by Amaud Jamaul Johnson. I had the pleasure of conversing with Johnson over email in the weeks leading up to release of this issue. Born and raised in Compton, […]