Catherine Imbriglio

Catherine Imbriglio is the author of two books of poetry, Parts of the Mass (Burning Deck, 2007), which received the 2008 Norma Farber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America, and Intimacy (Center for Literary Publishing, 2013), which received the 2013 Colorado Prize in Poetry. She teaches in the Nonfiction Writing Program at Brown University.

NUMERACY: “(Null hypothesis) hypothesis”, “Under moonlight, winter’s hidden figures broken”, and “As for the moon in its younger years” by Catherine Imbriglio

    [NUMERACY] One temptation, when a thing is countable, is to imagine that instances of it are interchangeable. -Caleb Crain (Null hypothesis) hypothesis It’s as if I’ve been mating rugs, crossing blue ones with green ones, Friar Mendel. In a numerical sequence that has no pattern, there is still […]