Alice Anderson

Alice Anderson‘s collection “Human Nature” won the Bobst Prize from NYU and the Best First Book Prize from The Great Lakes Colleges Association. Her work is included in “American Poetry: The Next Generation” and “On The Verge: Emerging Poets in America.” After recovering from traumatic brain injury, she has completed two new poetry manuscripts, THE WATERMARK and ELECTRIC PLUM BURLESQUE.

Vidalia by Alice Anderson

    There’s a drop-out girl on my block now (eleven going on seventeen) who each day sits on Sweet Earl’s front porch eating a purple onion like it’s a black plum, luscious and ripe. A stippled beauty – rail thin, endless limbs, jade eyes, snarled copper hair to the […]

Keepsake Serenade by Alice Anderson

  Let me remember only the starry explosion of our limbed violence. Let me see the faint reflection on my thighs, through the windowpane of stockings, the blue-green bruise of your bite. Let me wear the sweater you bought to match those marks day after day until it falls to […]