Albert Abonado

Albert Abonado is the Director of Adult Programs at Writers & Books. He is the editor of The Bakery. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in issues of Fourteen Hills, New Ohio Review, Phantom Limb, Pleiades, Sixth Finch, and others. He lives with his wife in Rochester, NY.

Caesura by Albert Abonado

    To learn about negative space in art class, you started with a surface dark enough to have its own gravity, an India ink wash, the damp spots imprinted on your fingers. You scraped away until the page revealed squares of white space. In this, one pattern reveals another. […]

The Ghost Root by Albert Abonado

    My mother can strip the meat off any chicken bone, leave nothing but a hinge, no trace of ligament nor evidence that what she pinches between her teeth once supported an entire architecture of feather and seed. She does not stop there, can split the bone too. Suck […]