An Introduction to Noah Falck by Kristina Marie Darling


Noah Falck is a singular voice in contemporary American poetry.  In a literary landscape filled with autobiographical writing, he offers an imaginative topography in which the self is made strange, with the memory of what once was familiar still lingering in the background.  “Endlessly scrolling your way through an abridged version of war,” Falck writes, sketching a dreamscape in which the present moment – that all too familiar digitized ledger of human experience – collides with its inevitable consequences.  As each poem unfolds, Falck gracefully and effortlessly allows multiple temporal moments to coexist in the same rhetorical space.  We are offered “rain coming down in shattered bottles,” night falling on “a mid-sized city,” evoking both the familiarity and the inherent strangeness of a present moment that already past.    These are poems that will unsettle you as they sing to you with a subtle, lilting, and inimitable lyricism.

Noah Falck is the author of You Are In Nearly Every Future (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2017) and Exclusions (forthcoming from Tupelo Press, 2020). He lives in Buffalo, NY, where he works as Education Director at Just Buffalo Literary Center.

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