Julia Daly

Good Health by Anna B. Sutton

  Bear Creek, NC   The muscles in my lower back have trained themselves to spasm   around a large cluster of nerves, bundled like a horse’s tail at the base of my spine.   There are cysts—small sacks of fluid that fill and deflate at random—scattered   across my […]

The Space Between by Jan Schmidt

              Everything was oddly serene in the alley. Close to a century of exhaust and fumes covered the red brick buildings before her. The brick reminded her of the Lower East Side where she’d been living for the last thirty years. Though there were no alleys in Manhattan, the […]

Lucky by Joanna Pearson

              Jess preferred to say she’d been attacked. It better captured her sense of violation. Mugged sounded too benign, too reminiscent of a hot, cozy beverage, whereas attacked had teeth to it. It was so much more bitingly intimate. True, she hadn’t been injured. And she’d only lost what […]

Smile by Michael Capel

            On the right, my father: tanned and almost bald, sun gleaming on his red scalp. Gas-station shades and his left eye bugging out over the top, thyroid off the hook again. Shorts still wet with salt-water. Pockets lumpy with his wallet, cigars, Zippo. Smiling. Two teeth missing on the […]