Daily Archives: November 1, 2019

“Get Ready for the Secret of Your Life”: Hawk Parable by Tyler Mills

I think of Jesus, the circuitous way he wove images together to explain to his disciples things they hadn’t seen, but he had.  It’s like this, and then also: it’s like that.  I imagine the disciples nodding, their desire to understand so ingenuous, so severe, that they almost convince themselves […]

A Primer for Beauty and its Many Foils: Lia Purpura’s First Adventures in Beauty

“Once, a friend reacting to a tickle on her arm, saw she had smacked a lacewing—green filigreed and sheer as a breath. ‘You’re so beautiful, I’m sorry,’ she said, before finishing it off. As if its beauty might have saved it.” So begins Lia Purpura’s First Adventures in Beauty, published […]