Elaine Sexton

Elaine Sexton’s art criticism, poems, reviews, and visual works have appeared or are forthcoming online and in print with Art in America, ARTnews, Art New England, American Poetry Review, Oprah, Poetry, Poetry Daily, Plume and You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography. Her third collection of poetry, Prospect/Refuge, is forthcoming this year with The Sheep Meadow Press. Formerly a senior editor at ARTnews, she teaches text and image workshops at Sarah Lawrence College, New York University and privately. She is a member of the NBCC (National Book Critics Circle). elainesexton.org

Rick Fox

    HOW FAR I ALLOW MYSELF TO GO AWAY FROM THE WORLD: A Micro-Interview with Rick Fox by Elaine Sexton   ES: Until recently your exhibited work has been oil on canvas, close to abstract seascapes and landscapes, shapes on the edge of being identified as such. This new work, […]

Mark Wagner

  MONEY IS AN INHERENTLY VOYAGING THING: A Micro-Interview with Mark Wagner by Elaine Sexton   ES: Mark, your currency collages are a curious fit for our themed issue in that money travels and returns. There’s movement imbedded in your work not solely by the material you use, but also […]

Jeremy Wood

  THE SENSATION OF BEING LOST: A Micro-Interview with Jeremy Wood by Elaine Sexton   ES: Your project “My Ghost” depicts your daily life (2000-2012) in London in what looks like the visual equivalent of a cardiac MRI! Especially the ones on a dark background, both intimate and detached at […]