Raquel Lanseros – Big Bang Contraction – translated by the Author

And if it were true that the universe will

expand after the big bang

does it have physical limits that one day will be reached?

Like a rubber band, everything will snap back in that instant.

Benjamin Button, we will live in reversed time

we will travel throughout the galaxy

we will handle telepathic cellular complexes

then we will discover electricity

we will see unexplored coasts

we will invent writing

we will fight on horseback

we will hunt mammoths

in a deep cave we will tell stories that combat fear

Raquel Lanseros (1973), poet, translator and university professor, is one of the most awarded and recognized voices of contemporary poetry in Spanish. She has pubished eight books of poetry and received numerous awards. Her last book of poetry, MATRIA, won the National Critics Award and the Andalusia Critics Award in 2019 in Spain.