A Folio of Poetry by Samer Darkpa – translated by Boen Wang


Samer Darkpa (ས་དམར་གྲགས་པ།) is a bilingual Tibetan and Chinese poet, novelist, and essayist. After living as a monk from ages 9 to 24, he has worked as a teacher, chef, cultural event planner, and graphic designer. He has published four poetry collections—three in Tibetan and one in Chinese—and has won several literary awards, including the 3rd Dasser Literature Award and the 1st Tubo Poets Award. He lives in Lhasa.

Boen Wang is a writer, audio producer, and MFA candidate in creative writing at the University of Pittsburgh. His written work has appeared in The Fourth River, Inheritance, PopMatters, and elsewhere; his audio work has won the “Best New Artist” award at the Third Coast International Audio Festival. Visit his website at boen.cool.