TQ19 Table of Contents

John McVey, emblematic collage sourced from The ABC Universal Commercial Electric Telegraphic Code (Fifth Edition, 1901) (Decides…) The Adams Cable Codex (Third Edition, 1896) (Lyrical)

Editorial Features

What about an Internet Poetics?: A conversation with Chris Campanioni & William Lessard

Seeding Time: An Interview with Tess Lewis & a Portfolio of New Translations—curated by Nancy Naomi Carlson

Painting at the Limits: An Interview with Tom Henry about Physical Limits, Emotional Release and the Artistic Embrace of Unevenness – curated by Cassandra Cleghorn

“States of flailing and difficulty”: A Conversation with Prageeta Sharma about Writing and Grieving – curated by Cassandra Cleghorn

“To mirror-write again”: A Conversation with Amit Majmudar & Jane Zwart About Collaboration – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“The Lost World of Ended Summers”: A Conversation with Gregory Spatz and a New Short Story – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Change life” as Rimbaud said—An Interview with French Poet Francis Combes—curated by Ming Di

“Homage to Mirta Rosenberg” – curated & introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

“‘Built a Fire, Did a Little Magic’: A Micro-(inter)-view with Timothy Donnelly” – curated by Lisa Olstein

A Vehement Rejoinder: An Interview with Conor Bracken – conducted by Zach Savich

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

Sara Hopkins – “Strange Currencies” & “Dead Water”
Curated & introduced by Andrea Applebee

Alyssa Jewell“Winter Road” & “Love Poems…”
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Henneh Kyereh Kwakufrom Revolution of the Scavengers
Curated & introduced by Henk Rossouw

Wayne MillerA Folio of New Poems
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling 

Erin Elizabeth Smith“Like the Wolf”
Curated & introduced by Claudia Cortese

Essy StoneA Folio of New Poems
Curated & introduced by dawn lonsinger

Editors’ Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen and interviewed by Elaine Sexton

Digby Beaumont

Steven Edgar Bradbury

Louise Crandell

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Kristy Bowen – from Summer House

Kate Greenstreet – A Retrospective: “Cardboard Star,” “This is a traveling song,” “The Evolution of Meaning,” “I Felt It Once”

Francesco Levato – A Short Film: “War Rug”

Julia Madsen – A Poetry Film:  “Home Movie, Nowhere [Triptych]”

Adam Tedesco – Three Short Films: “Clouds,”  “End Lines,” & “Moon 1”

LaDonna Witmer – A Portfolio of Cinepoetry:  “Abattoir,” “Alice is My Middle Name,” “Die Pretty,” “Elasticine,” “Tempest”




Winners of the Third Annual Tupelo Broadside Prize

Kim Garcia“Women’s Olympic Diving Team”

Arthur Solway“Night School”

The TQ19 Poetry Prize


Cynthia Dewi Oka“Meditation on the Worth of Anything”


Asa Drake“In the Tradition of Women Who’ve Blessed Me to Transfer Their Virtues”

Steven Duong“Double Sonnet for the Lucky Gold Cat at the Register of Pho 888”

Augusta Funk “My Love for Myself Is as Quiet as a Weed”

Clemonce Heard“A Notable Parting Gift”

Gary McDowell“How to Settle” & “Arbor Vitae”

Megan Merchant“Breaking the Ring” & “Learning My Lesson”

Cynthia Dewi Oka“21 Lessons in the Art of Embouchure”


Rachel Abramowitz“Poem”

Fay Dillof“Why I’m Not a Good Lover”

Kathryn Haemmerle“July Nocturne”

Torrin Greathouse“Before the Sound Began to Vanish”

Wayne Johns“The House that Jack Built”

Beth Marzoni“In Bad Weather”

Sawnie Morris“Held by Water”

Dayna Patterson“God the Mother Speaks of Cosmolatry”

TQ19 Prose Open Prize


S. Brook Corfman“A Woman Named George”


Emily Rose Cole“Dentata”

CJ Hribal“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Marriage”

Tanya Perkins“Miracle Kids”

Jane Satterfield“Test Strip”

Joel Streiker“The Man on the Fence”

Zach Swiss“Big Macher”


Jerzy Jarniewicz“Spinario” & “Spinario (Three Years Later) – translated by Piotr Florczyk

Juan Lamillar“The Miracle of Light,” “Light on Stone,” & “Conditions for the Portrait” – translated by Don Bogen

Daniel Lipara“Another Life” – translated by Robin Meyers

Franca Mancinellifrom “Mother Dough” – translated by John Taylor

Tomasz Różyckifrom “Letter by Letter” – translated by Mira Rosenthal

Andra SchwarzA Folio of Poems – translated by Caroline Wilcox Reul

Arvis Viguls“Entomology,” “Light” & “Metamorphoses” – translated by Jayde Will