TQ16 Table of Contents

Artwork courtesy of Katarina Weslien.



Editorial Features


“‘Forging a new kind of womanhood’:  A Conversation with Leah Umansky & a Folio of Poems” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘To take control of my own narrative and history’:  A Conversation with Rajiv Mohabir & a Folio of New Poems” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“’Being black in between’: Reading Roberto Carlos Garcia’s black/Maybe: An Afro Lyric as a Salve for Melancolía” – by Emari DiGiorgio

“‘The story starts in conversation’:  A Conversation with Beth McDermott & a Folio of New Poems” – curated by Virginia Konchan

“Matching the Gut with Its Impulses:  A Conversation with Sophia Dahlin & a Folio of New Poems” – curated by Vi Khi Nao

“ALI RAZ IN CONVERSATION WITH VI KHI NAO: On birds, coffee, and the transformative edge” – curated by Vi Khi Nao

“‘An Unimaginable Place’: A Conversation with Cynthia Arrieu- King & a Folio of Poems” – curated by Lisa Olstein

“‘Do we trust the voice?’: An Interview with Daniel Tiffany & a Folio of New Work” – curated by Henk Rossouw

“Something in the Air: An Interview with Lindsay Turner” – conducted by Zach Savich

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

Maria Abegunde“Learning to Eat the Dead: USA”
Curated & introduced by Cassandra Cleghorn

Hadara Bar-Nadav“Death Party” & “Wolf Child”
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Nicky Beer“Notes on the Village of Liars” & “Exclusive Interview”
Curated & introduced by Simone Muench

Vandana Khanna“The Goddess as Jilted Lover” & “The Goddess Shows Up Late to the End of the World Party”
Curated & introduced by Seth Brady Tucker

Julia Madsen – from A Museum of Midwestern Domestic Architecture: “If any pastoral image…” and “Between now and then…”
Curated & introduced by Brandi Homan

Jessica Q. Stark – “Name Numerology K-Hole: 11 Weeks,” “The Burn Pits,” & “Daniel Boone’s Bones”
Curated & introduced by Vi Khi Nao

Grey Vild – “How long did we live this way like nomads at the far edges of war” & “So the day would not come when we had to carry the war everywhere we went like a second”
Curated & introduced by Claudia Cortese

Editors’ Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen & interviewed by Elaine Sexton.  

Jayne Holsinger

Elizabeth Phelps Meyer

Katarina Weslien

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

José Felipe Alvergue“born to violence”

Mary-Kim Arnold“In the Permanent Collection”

Kristy Bowenfrom Plump

Laura Christensen & Christine Poreba“Here Then, Today”

Laura Christesen & Marjorie Thomsen – “To Float, To Breathe, To Hear (After John Cage)”

Reilly D. Cox & Brennan Emmett Cox“Dead Narcissus: A sequence with found objects”

Kate Greenstreet– Video Poem: color comes from outside

Mara Adamitz Scrupe – from Arillus a Flora: “Monarda didyma/American Beebalm”


Jerzi Ficowski“Papuzsa” & “Life” – translated by Jennifer Grotz & Piotr Sommer

Gemma Gorga“Little Fairy Tale” & “Zeno of Citium Reflects Aloud” – translated by Sharon Dolin

Itamar Vieira Junior“Alma” – translated by Tiffany Higgins

Irene Ivantcheva“Luxe” & “The Wrap” – translated by Holly Karapetkova

Giovanni Pascoli“The Staff” – translated by Geoffrey Brock

Li Suo“Castor” – translated by Henry Zhang

Abraham Sutzkever“A Horizon of Furious Salt” – translated by Maia Evrona

Wang Yin“Men Out of Step With the Times” & “Suddenly” – translated by Andrea Lingenfelter


The Second Annual Tupelo Broadside Prize


Judge’s Citation by Kevin Prufer



Jacquelyn Malone “Revival of Diana at the Church of Christ”

Steve McDonald“Flagstones”

Susan O’Dell Underwood“God as Reflexive Pronoun”


Diana Adams“Lodestar”

Leslie Harrison“And these are the ways we talk to each other”

R.J. Lambert“Continuous Burlesk” & “Hayden loved to climb the summit on one of the bare hills flanking the river & stand there while the wind blew”

Julie Marie Wade“Avail”

TQ16 Poetry Open Prize


Judge’s Citation by Jennifer Chang



Mark Wagenaar – “Oculi”


Elisávet Makridis“Clockwork Dream”

Alison Rollins“American Immortal,” “[American Journal],” & “Key to the Kingdom”

Andrew Seguin“Recommended Usage” & “Curb of Inquiry”

Julia Story“When She Went into the Field” & “With the Time She Had Left”

Corey Van Landingham“Lyrical Vows”

Stella Yin Yin Wong“Halloween Redux”

Mark Wagenaar “Birthday at Motel 6”


Ina Cariño“Theory of Nothing” & “I dream in a tongue other than my own”

Kyle McCord“Viewing the Tribute to Money, My Father Thinks of His Wife”

Brenda Miller“Dust”

Isaac Ginsberg Miller“The Satellite, The Many-Headed God, Is Flung”

Dylan Weir “The Committee Speaks of Forgiveness”

John Sibley Williams“At Bay”

TQ16 Prose Open Prize


Judge’s Citation by Bhanu Kapil



José Felipe Alvergue“hogtied”


Merle Bachmanfrom RECORDS: Biolume, Substrate Alpha Centauri

Chloe Firetto-Toomey“Blue: A Katabasis”

Darien Hsu Gee“Three Wives”

Jeffrey Gray“Too Late: A Question of Travel”

Megan Grumbling“SOLVING FOR M”

Maura Pellettieri“Sex Work”

Michelle Blair Wilker“The Ficus”