Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer

Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer is a poet and installation artist in St. Louis. Her debut collection, Cleavemark, is just out from BOAAT Press. Schlaifer’s poems have appeared in Georgia Review, AGNI, Denver Quarterly, LIT, Colorado Review, Fence, and elsewhere, and she was selected for Best New Poets 2015. She frequently collaborates with other artists, most recently with Jeff Pike on the illustrated chapbook, Strangers with a Lifeboat, and with Cheryl Wassenaar on the installation “Cleavemark Drive.”

Outside the gates of the Jewish cemetery, by Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer

    cumulus congestus. Bottle glass, cigarillos, sparrows fighting over Cheetos. Things pile up. Turn-of-the-last-century stones set cheek by jowl: Mandel, Lillie, Tillie, Lester. So many children. Every day, I read their names from the road. One stone set by a scrubby pine abuts the unfilled field. I follow the […]