Marco Maisto

Marco Maisto’s chapbook The Loneliness of the Middle-Distance Transmissions Aggregator was a finalist in YesYes Books 2015 Vinyl 45s contest, and his poem of the same name won the Bayou Magazine’s Kay Murphy prize. With Michael Chaney, he is co-editor of the poetry comix folio in Drunken Boat #20. Marco’s art and poetry can now or soon be found in Spry, Fjords, Drunken Boat, Rhino (Editor’s Prize Finalist), 3Elements, Heavy Feather Review, Tupelo Press’ 30/30 project and Small Po[r]tions. He attended the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. He lives in NYC with his wife, the painter Margaret Galey. Read fun chunks of language @MarcoMaisto and contact him through

Entropy in 1967 by Marco Maisto

                                        Sit holding a video camera in the storefront window when the                       rolling   shutter  opens  so  that  people  passing  by will  think                       you’ve  spent  the  whole  night  inside  and  wonder  why. As                       soon  as  anyone  makes  eye  contact,  lift  up the […]