Joshua Young

Joshua Young is a poet, playwright, and multimedia artist living in the Seattle area. He is the author of six collections, most recently, Psalms for the Wreckage (Plays Inverse 2017) and was recently awarded a grant from the Reva and David Logan Arts Foundation for his multimedia work. His feature films have been official selection at Seattle International, Athens International, Toronto Independent, Montreal Black International Film Festivals, among others. You can find him and his projects at

Wyoming by Tyler Truman Julian & Joshua Young

A Process Note I first started thinking about video poetry and experimental film centered on poetry as “poem-films,” because of Rabbit Light Movies and Joshua Marie Wilkinson’swork as a filmmaker (I still have burned DVDs of the films he used to mail out to subscribers).  I found beauty in the lo-fi […]

An Experimental Film: “Can You Hear the Cicadas Over the Sirens” by Dark Sparkler & Joshua Young

A Process Note This film is from a collaborative experimental video + sound project with Dark Sparkler, a Seattle-based Modular Synthesizer composer. The project is a series of (relatively) short films built on layers of video + sound with a Synth soundtrack. The video + sound (the diegetic portions of […]