Florencia Walfisch

Florencia Walfisch was born in Buenos Aires. She writes and makes textile art. She has participated in various individual and group shows, interdisciplinary projects, and poetry readings. With Ana Lafferranderie, she curates the reading series at Fedro, a bookstore and cultural center in San Telmo. Her poetry has appeared in various journals and anthologies. In 2004, Sopa de Ajo y Mezcal received the Jaime Sabines prize from Coneculta in Chiapas. She lives and works in her hometown.

Selections from Sopa de Ajo y Mezcal by Florencia Walfisch, translated by Alexis Almeida

  She changes tables. it’s been a while since she’s sat down in this place. meanwhile red falls over the city that invents its own night. there’s a word for this and another. that memory invents its own death. she changes tables. it’s been a long time since she’s sat […]