Sinematic by Chad Parmenter

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Sinematic—that’s what film becomes in motion. And it spins in the hunt of the stillness our art lives in. But no one wants that light, its weight.

                                                            By “no one,” I only mean me.

But perhaps I really see how cinema will kill photography. Passion as action—written by light like still film is—not as what they call art—no—more its own source. More heart—or its avatar.

Nothing but light comes in at the eye—Yeats told us love does, but love is kindled in the lens. There, the one you’re taking takes you in, and the image is the meeting of your beings—its charm become a harmony.

I needed you to see through me. And only no one can.
Chad Parmenter‘s poems have appeared in Best American Poetry, Kenyon Review, and Harvard Review. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri, and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Niagara University.