Interview with La Malinche by Suzanne Roszak


This is not the story of a landscape.

This is not the story of
a woman spilling

Say you are staring into a deep
well, your pockets full
of stones. If you hurl them

one after another into
this ending that you cannot

see, there will be nothing

to hold you down.
There will be nothing to grab
onto when we lose

our small configurations
of stars.

What is this borrowed
architecture? What is
the price of return?

Call it a slight, unbearable

strangers forgetting
you have a longer name.

Your twin faces turned, deliberate
blinking of your widened

middle eye.



Suzanne Roszak is an MFA student in poetry at the University of California, Irvine. Her poetry is forthcoming or has appeared in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Phoebe, Drunken Boat, Redivider, Fourteen Hills, and Verse Daily.