Hotspring: by Emily Pittinos

ankle deep: riverbed of rose: quartz caught: pool of heat:

earth a furnace : subcutaneous: molten shift : I finger the

rock’s pelt of algae : geode entombed by bloom : to think:

not long ago: I wanted to kill my loneliness : downstream:

a heron drying its wings: mites dying there : to think:

sunlight a killer too: a person: can get used to anything
Emily Pittinos is the 2017-18 Senior Fellow in Poetry at Washington University in St. Louis where she teaches creative writing and works remotely as an editorial assistant for PoetryNorthwest. She is the winner of several Avery Hopwood awards from the University of Michigan, a former fellow at the Bucknell Seminar for Undergraduate Poets, and a 2017 resident of the CrossHatch Hill House program.