notes by Kate Greenstreet

A Process Note

There are 98 numbered poems in The End of Something—14 sets of 7 poems, with a note for each poem. These are the notes for poems 22-28 and 92-98.

I’ve been learning Logic (the sound editing app) and making experiments using some of the writing in The End of Something. Talking with the idea of music. I think these experiments will become an EP that I’ll make available when the book comes out.



notes 22-28

The ability to see or recall.
When the eyes are open or closed.
Attachment, memory, narrative.
Seeing best where you are looking.
If the child does not lose hope.
Where does the outside world begin?
Can I feel your marks?

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notes 92-98

Knowing yourself and knowing the future, it’s all part of the same thing, right? We do sometimes know things we shouldn’t be able to know. It happens all the time with dreams. I think our lives are out in front of us a little. Endings are a problem, and what to tell. Have you ever died in a dream? Real endings aren’t something you choose.

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Kate Greenstreet’s new book The End of Something will be out this fall from Ahsahta Press. Her previous books are Young Tambling, The Last 4 Things, and case sensitive.