F O R     T H E     L O V E R by Betsy Wheeler

September; the neighbor’s children
all wearing knit caps
with tassels, red coats.

One fits the cuff of a blue mitten over
the top of the wooden crucifix
planted in their back yard.

Betsy Wheeler is the author of the poetry collection Loud Dreaming in a Quiet Room, and the poetry chapbooks Start Here, and Mental Detours. She earned her MFA in poetry at The Ohio State University in 2005, and held the Stadler Fellowship at Bucknell University from 2005-2007. Her poems have appeared in many publications including The Journal, Bat City Review, Better, MiPoesias, Forklift Ohio, and Octopus. Managing Director of the Juniper Summer Writing Institute, she lives with her wife and their daughter in Northampton, MA.