An Introduction to Alyssa Jewell by Kristina Marie Darling



Alyssa Jewell’s poetry carves a space for awe within what might otherwise be conceived of as a narrative’s most difficult, and most vulnerable, moments.  “This lust gives more than it takes,” she warns the reader in “Love Poems to Accompany the Photographer’s Posthumous Exhibit.” Yet it is this unabashed vulnerability that makes her sense of wonder all the more surprising, provocative, and poignant.  “I want to know the heart of God– I want / to know the least of these,” she writes.  For Jewell, the truly grand resides within what is most unassuming.  After all, she reminds us that each grievance, each loss is in itself a “glittering, mirrored universe,” that longing is something to behold.


Read “Winter Road” by Alyssa Jewell >>

Read “Love Poems to Accompany the Photographer’s Posthumous Exhibit” by Alyssa Jewell >>