Jules Supervielle, translated from the French by Laura Chalar


Jules Supervielle (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1884-París, 1960) was born into a French-Basque family living in Uruguay. At ten, he was sent to Paris, where he completed his education at the Sorbonne. For the rest of his life, he divided his time between Uruguay and France. His collections of poetry include: Gravitations (1925), Le Forçat innocent (1930), Les Amis inconnus (1934), La Fable du Monde (1938, 1946), Oublieuse Mémoire (1949), Naissances (1951), and L’Escalier (1956).

Laura Chalar was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is a lawyer, writer and translator, and the author of two English-language poetry collections, Midnight at the Law Firm and Unlearning (Coal City Press, 2015 and 2018 respectively). Her work has been featured in magazines internationally. The Guardian Angel of Lawyers, her first short story collection to be published in the USA, Is forthcoming from Roundabout Press.