Tempest by LaDonna Witmer

Author’s Notes

This one is my favorite, favorite, favorite. There is so much about it that I love. The poem still works well for me, while some of my older work makes me cringe—this one still rings true. I love my red dress and tiny red top hat. I love the impolite tea party. I love Caroline Leonardo’s deer. And I love that my daughter is fully, unapologetically herself in this little film. Caroline was my daughter’s nanny for four years, and I feel like you can see the sweetness of their relationship coming through on the screen.

Fun fact: This was the 5th cinépoem we shot in Golden Gate Park. It’s a wonderland of micro-locations.







LaDonna is a writer, poet, speaker, editor, mother, organizer of closets, comber of beaches, rider of motorcycles, and baker of cookies. She lives in San Francisco with her people, dog, and tiny parrot, and is always plotting her next international getaway.