“I drifted up this morning with this in my ear” by Laura Frare, Mary Kathryn Jablonski, & Phillip X. Levine

I drifted up this morning with this in my ear from Laura Frare on Vimeo.




Visual artist/poet Mary Kathryn Jablonski has been a contributor at Numéro Cinq magazine and is author of the poetry chapbook, To the Husband I Have Not Yet Met. Her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals including Beloit Poetry Journal, Blueline, Poetry Ireland Review, and Salmagundi. Her book of poems, Sugar Maker Moon, is available from Dos Madres Press (2019).

Phillip X Levine is a poet and actor. He is Woodstock Poetry Society president and poetry editor of the mid-Hudson Valley magazine, Chronogram.

Laura Frare is an artist and experimental filmmaker as well as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, playing a variety of electronic and digital instruments, making audio field recordings, loops, and samples. Employing the “exquisite corpse” method much like a collagist, she loves participating in collaborative projects with others.