Die Pretty by LaDonna Witmer

Author’s Notes

This entire poem is an ode to my friendship with my best bestie, Sarah. So my crew (myself, my cinépoem partner Michelle and my friend Misha) traveled up to Mendocino, CA where Sarah was living at the time so she could star in it. It was an incredibly fun shoot—we had multiple locations though, with costume changes, so there was a lot of white angel switching clothes with black angel in the middle of a wheat field.

Fun Fact #1: Sarah is quite a bit shorter than I, so in the shot where we’re on the beach preparing to walk into the water, Michelle tried to pan the camera from me to Sarah, but the unedited footage shows a pan from me... to the tip top of Sarah’s forehead. So we had to do a jump cut instead.

Fun Fact #2: We were barefoot walking into the ocean, and Sarah stubbed her foot really frickin’ hard on a big old rock—making her done for the day. So we super-slo-moed the footage we had right up until her toe stub to make it last long enough to finish out the scene.







LaDonna is a writer, poet, speaker, editor, mother, organizer of closets, comber of beaches, rider of motorcycles, and baker of cookies. She lives in San Francisco with her people, dog, and tiny parrot, and is always plotting her next international getaway.