Alice is My Middle Name by LaDonna Witmer

Author’s Notes

I’ve always had a soft spot for Alice. She was one of the first cinépoems I made, and definitely the first I spent money on—all our costumes were rented from a local shop for the day. We shot in Golden Gate Park, and not one person batted an eye at the giant white rabbit running around.

Fun fact: the last scene of Alice chasing the rabbit was our last shot of the day and my friend Kathy, who was sweating it out in the rabbit suit, was so exhausted that she ran up the hill incredibly slowly. We sped up the footage in editing to make it seem like Alice and the rabbit are running at a normal pace.







LaDonna is a writer, poet, speaker, editor, mother, organizer of closets, comber of beaches, rider of motorcycles, and baker of cookies. She lives in San Francisco with her people, dog, and tiny parrot, and is always plotting her next international getaway.