Abattoir by LaDonna Witmer

Author’s Notes

Most of the time with cinépoems, the poem comes first. But for Abattoir, we just wanted to shoot something really fun with a lot of fake blood. So I wrote a blood-soaked poem. We didn’t really take it seriously or consider that we’d look like hard-core vegans by the end of the whole thing.

Fun Fact #1: Every single couple shown in this cinépoem broke up a few months after the shoot. So maybe it was cursed?

Fun Fact #2: I don’t smoke and don’t know how to inhale (it’s pretty obvious when you watch it with that knowledge).







LaDonna is a writer, poet, speaker, editor, mother, organizer of closets, comber of beaches, rider of motorcycles, and baker of cookies. She lives in San Francisco with her people, dog, and tiny parrot, and is always plotting her next international getaway.