Poupeh Missaghi 

Poupeh Missaghi    I: Individual Collectivities Karla Kelsey: One of the many richnesses of your work is the way in which narratives, images, and concepts shift and deepen. This happens, for example, in the very title of your novel, trans(re)lating house one. With “tran(re)lating” you offer us “translating,” “relating” and […]

Ashley Lamb

Ashley Lamb I: Individual Collectivities  Karla Kelsey: The ruffle of a dress, a tendril of hair, a torn image of embroidered fabric juxtaposed with monumental architecture and winter trees.  Your visual collages explore the swift cut between interior and exterior, nature and culture, the abstract and the pictorial. They thrive […]

Lucy Ives

Lucy Ives I: Individual Collectivities Karla Kelsey: Each of the eleven books that you’ve published is utterly its own, unique entity that observes and reinvents relationship to genre.  Each book sits squarely in its room of the archive while at the same time teasing out nuances and transcending boundaries until—voila!—the […]

Camille Guthrie

Camille Guthrie   I: Individual Collectivities  Karla Kelsey: In an interview conducted for the Boston Review you and Ann Lauterbach address the intermixture of past and present as it comes to the surface in language and visual art.  The differentiation between history and immediacy is not so much effaced as […]

Amy E. Elkins

Amy E. Elkins I: Individual Collectivities Karla Kelsey: In your research you employ traditional academic scholarship conducted in libraries and archives along with an experiential approach, shadowing a bobbin lace-maker on the Isle of Wight as well as having yourself 3-D scanned and printed! This has resulted in several essays […]

Danielle Dutton

Danielle Dutton I: Individual Collectivities Karla Kelsey: In A Room of One’s Own Virginia Woolf writes of wanting to see how the fictious female writer Mary Carmichael might “set to work to catch those unrecorded gestures, those unsaid or half-said words, which form themselves, no more palpably than the shadows […]

Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Rachel Blau DuPlessis   I: Individual Collectivities Karla Kelsey: This forum’s conversation around feminist poetics of the archives wouldn’t be the same without your intellectual and creative contributions to literature and thought.  Your works of criticism have been pivotal, transforming the field of poetics, challenging received notions of whose writing […]

Mary-Kim Arnold

Mary-Kim Arnold I: Individual Collectivities Karla Kelsey: In both Litany for the Long Moment and your new book of poems The Fish & The Dove you work with archival sources to tell a story both personal and political, taking as catalyst your adoption to the United States from Korea at […]

“I want to drown in poetry”: A Conversation with Johannes Göransson & a Folio of New Work – Curated by Kristina Marie Darling

Johannes Göransson is the author of several books, including The Sugar Book (Tarpaulin Sky, 2015) and Haute Surveillance (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2013), and is the translator of Aase Berg’s Hackers (Black Ocean, 2017). He teaches at the University of Notre Dame and lives in South Bend, Indiana. KMD:  The poet […]