Daily Archives: September 1, 2020

Breathing Record: A Review of Edges & Fray

  If you open Danielle Vogel’s book, Edges & Fray, a few pages in, you’ll see on the left-hand page three square photographs of birds’ nests, and on the right-hand side syntactical fragments including, “a book arrives in threads—.”  As the interrelation of nest-building and text-composing emerges, we become privy […]

“Even this brief thought is endless:” An Analytical Review of Dan Beachy-Quick’s Arrows

Consider the materials from which an arrow can be made: wood, aluminum, carbon, fiberglass. Each material used to construct an arrow ultimately serves the arrow’s intended purpose. Now think of poems as arrows, gathered into a quiver for safe-harboring until their use. These poem-arrows rest, unused until the poet or […]