Laurie Saurborn Young

Laurie Saurborn Young is the author of Carnavoria (H_NGM_N Books), and a chapbook, Patriot (Forklift, Ink). Her second book of poems, Industry of Brief Distraction, is forthcoming from Saturnalia Books in 2015. A portfolio of her photography work can be found online at She lives in Austin, Texas.

Appearance of the Deer Woman: Diptychs by Laurie Saurborn Young

Read Bronwyn Mills’ “Synaesthesia and Laurie Saurborn Young’s ‘Appearance of the Deer Woman: Diptychs’ here.     I.     The afternoon of the day she dies, my grandmother reminds me to check the weather before driving home from the hospital, in case the growing thunderheads decide to unleash a […]

Synaesthesia: Bronwyn Mills on Laurie Saurborn Young’s “Appearance of the Deer Woman: Diptychs”

  I was certain synaesthesia meant the simultaneous convergence of at least two senses, perhaps a paradox, sensual satori. Like one of Oliver Sacks’ patients, you hear music and simultaneously see colors dancing before you, Northern Lights for one.   Being a packrat of dictionaries, I flushed out my OED […]