TQ22 Table of Contents

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling

Editorial Features

“The Real Ambassadors: Reflections on the Politics of Poetic Representation” — by Andrea Applebee

“Pills, Snow, & Typewriters: An Interview with Sarah J. Sloat” – curated by Victoria Chang

“Between Crisis and Life: An Interview with Jacqueline Stolos” – curated by Wendy Chen

“Jacob Cooper’s Terrain: A Roundtable on Music, Poetry & Collaboration” – curated by Jacob Cooper, Greg Alan Brownderville, Dora Malech & Zach Savich

“The Age of Prophets: A Conversation with Rachel Abramowitz & a Folio of New Poetry” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“An Archeology of Myself: A Conversation with Novelist Nandini Bhattacharya” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“This Party’s Dead: A Conversation with Erica Buist & a Folio of Short Stories” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Allowing for strangeness in criticism: A Conversation with M.I. Devine & a Short Film” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Silence holds all things: A Conversation with Poet & Physician Matthew Mumber” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘The tension between the lyrical and narrative’: A Conversation with Writer & Editor Elizabeth A.I. Powell” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Una traición más alta: Contemporary Mexican Poets II” — edited by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Ezequiel Zaidenwerg

“Future Readers: A Micro-(inter)-view with Srikanth Reddy” – curated by Lisa Olstein


Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

Darcie Abbene“Go On, Then”
Curated & introduced by Emma Bolden

Jenny Grassl“Queen Anne’s Black Lace,” “Attend the Crowning Head,” & “Hem of Fire”
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

JP Grasser“Pathetic Fallacy,” “The Scales,” & “Heavy Machinery”
Curated & introduced by Tony Trigilio

Brad Aaron Modlin“One Candle Now, Then Seven More”
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Ashanti Anderson“Self Portrait in Blackface,” “Self Portrait as Overseer,” & “Resignation”
Curated & introduced by Simone Muench


Editors’ Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen & interviewed by Elaine Sexton

Jeremy Dennis

Rick Fox

Ellen Wiener


A Special Forum: Poetry in the Pandemic

Editor’s Introduction by Kristina Marie Darling

A.D. Lauren-Abunassar“Late March”

George Looney“Silence Doesn’t Even Have a Hint”

Dean Rader“Meditation on Absence”

Elizabeth Robinson“The Sign”

Meredith Stricker“ON THE WAY TO THE RUINS”

Zoe Ryder Whitefrom Via Post

Jessica Yuan“Bureau of Decline”

JinJin Xu“To Red Dust”



Rachel Abramowitz“To defy the gods: Form, Resilience & Capaciousness in Shira Dentz’s Sisyphusina

Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wadefrom In Lieu of Flowers: A Quarantine Collaboration

Carol Guess & Suzanne Paola“The Body Politic”

Rachel Howardfrom The Song Is Always an Instruction in How to Sing

Wes Jamisonfrom Echo Frequency

Jeannine Ouellette“Overview Effect”

Keene Shortfrom Ambivalent Cartography


Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Mary-Kim Arnold“Ahead, the formless field”

Kristy Bowen — A Portfolio of Cinepoetry: “Swallow 2,” “Swallow 3,” “Swallow 4,” & “Swallow 5”

Rachel Eliza Griffiths — Lyric Films: “Lighting the Shadow” & “Dust Road: Self Portrait”