TQ13 Table of Contents

Artwork courtesy of Liss Platt.


Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling


Editorial Features

“‘What we really want to do is serve happiness’: A Conversation with Brian Teare” – curated by Victoria Chang

“‘Poetry has a way of collapsing distance’: A Conversation with Maya Pindyck” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“‘All my conceptions are misconceptions’: A Conversation with Joshua Marie Wilkinson” – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“I WILL EMBRACE YOU WITH MY ASHES – Poems from Prison” – by Ming Di

“Women in Translation: A Portfolio of New Writing” – curated & introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

“‘I’m going off-book now myself’: A Conversation with John Beer,” curated by Megan Levad

“Exile” – by Bronwyn Mills

“Ancient Modern Racetracks: An Interview with Translator Dan Rosenberg on Miklavž Komelj’s Hippodrome” – conducted by Zach Savich

“The Practice of Grief: An Interview with Will Daddario” – conducted by Zach Savich

“The World As We Wished It Were: A Retrospective on the Life and Work of Karl Patten (1927-2017)” – by Stacey Waite


Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

David Bartone“Loudville (Entry: Warm as if by your ghost…)”
Curated & introduced by Zach Savich

Ada Limon“Sparrow, Sparrow, What Did You Say?” & “The Light the Living See”
Curated & introduced by Seth Brady Tucker

Tyler Meier“July”
Curated & introduced by Zach Savich

Ruben Quesada“Communion (I),” “Confession (II)” & “Communion (III)”
Curated & introduced by Simone Muench

Paige Lewis“Diorama of Heat” & “Museum of Your Faulty Body”
Curated & introduced by Rochelle Hurt


Editors’ Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen & interviewed by Elaine Sexton

Paola Ferrario

Liss Platt

John Schabel


Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Rachel Blau DuPlessisfrom Storyboard

Nick Flynn & Rachel Eliza Griffiths“AMANUENSIS”

Naoko FujimotoA Folio of Graphic Poems

John Gallaherfrom Brand New Spacesuit

Jennifer Habel“V is for Vocation”

David Dodd Leefrom THE LIGHT!



Jonathan Louis Duckworth“The Multiverse and You”

Brenda Miller & Julie Marie Wade“Speaking of Sex”

Jeff Oaks“How To Be An Adult: the lipograms”

Aimee Parkison“The Necklace Eater”

Sarah Sheesley“The Logic of Bones”

Bill Smoot“Raccoon”




Carl Adamshick“Bread and Puppet”

Jennifer Atkinson“The Bay,” “She Would Not Say Her Work,” & “Hanging Fire”

Jessica Baran“The Ballad of Sexual Dependency,” “Plot for Film,” & “Close Encounters”

Jennifer S. Cheng“A Biography of Women in the Sea: Snake Sisters” & “A Biography of Women in the Sea: Nu Wa”

Chelsea B. DesAutels“Broken Portrait”

Marlon L. Fick“I Am Fly” & “Postcards from Winter”

Preeti Kaur Rajpal“The Memory of Salt”

Sally Rosen Kindred“Self-Portrait At Twenty-One As Wish Without a Meadow”

Patrick Kindig“Attention”

Vera Kroms“Necropsy” & “Alice in Darkness”

Rebecca Lindenberg“Sligo Abbey,” “He Asks Me To Send Him Some Words (Home)” & “He Asks Me To Send Him Some Words (Here in His Garden)”

Michael Montlack“The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus”

David Moolten“Numbers,” “Lise Meitner Visualizes Fission, 1939,” & “Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major”

Daniel Moysaenko“Epithalamium,” “Artifact,” “Philosophy of Encouragement,” “A Fig Seed,” & “Scarlet Tanager

Elizabeth Onusko“Positive Thinking,” “Nature Documentary,” & “Confluence”

Eric Pankey“Ellipses”

Edwin Rivera Arias“Why Sometimes Do Images Begin to Tremble (after Chris Marker)”

Elizabeth Robinson“This Begins a New Book”

Martha Ronk “Over time (after T.J. Clark on Poussin)”

Emily Rosko“The Feed Game,” “Lament,” & “The Sweet- Bitter”

Mary Ann Samyn“Poetry, or On Staying Put” & “An Ideal Situation”

Andrew Seguin“Bird of First Arrival” & “Forecast: Glossary”

Emily Stokes“Love in the age of lawmaking”

Stephanie Strickland“Overheard on the Chronolog”

Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad“Explaining Anxiety to a Stoic”

L. Vella“Reverb”

Madeleine Wattenberg“One Thing Leads to Another” & “In the Interest of Time



Shamshad Abdullaev“Little Animal” & “Flow” – translated by Alex Cigale

Ali Abd al-Gayoum“The Choice” & “Searching for the Lost Man” – translated by Bakhit Bakhit and Aron Aji

Mikaelo Bronshtejn“Uncle Leyb” – translated by Sebastian Schulman

Rolando Kattan“The Pineapple Tree” & “Unidentified Animal” – translated by Katherine M. Hedeen

Miren Agur Meabe“The Price of My Pearl” – translated by Amaia Gabantxo

Yudit Shahar“I am Yudit,” “God of Secretaries,” & “My Father and God” – translated by Aviya Kushner